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PharmaCaribe: Leading the Way with Saline Inhalation Solutions

For many years now, PharmaCaribe has been providing Hypertonic Saline to help with sputum induction where sputum production is indicated.

Combining expectations from medical community and patients alike with our expertise lead us to create and make available to you new and innovative products like our Sodium Chloride Solution at 7% concentration. Read more about this formulation below.

Product Specifications

NDC Number: 50190-141-23

Reimbursement code: J7131


  • 60x4mL Unit-Dose- Vial
  • Manufactured to USP Quality Standards
  • Easy to open
  • Sterile
  • Preservative-free
  • Non-pyrogenic

Clinical References

Instructions for Use


  • Tip of The Day

Let Sputum Cultures Be Your Guide

When your patients currently using USP 7% saline come for their next routine check-up and sputum culture, replace their Rx to PulmoSal 7% (pH+) and compare their next 2-3 sputum PA cfu counts on following visits.