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Product Information

PharmaCaribe specializes in hypertonic saline inhalation therapy. We currently offer two different formulation lines of saline products.

2nd Generation Bio-Balanced™ with physiologic pH of 7.4

In 2013, the FDA cleared our 2nd Generation bio-balanced™ patent pending formulation in six concentrations. The patent pending formulations of our hypertonic saline are buffered with sodium bicarbonate to a pH of 7.4 (pH+)


Manufactured to USP Guidelines

FDA cleared in 2010 a line of 5 concentrations of hypertonic saline manufactured strictly to USP guidelines. Currently commercially available in concentrations of 7%, 6% and 3% salinity.

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  • Tip of The Day

Let Sputum Cultures Be Your Guide

When your patients currently using USP 7% saline come for their next routine check-up and sputum culture, replace their Rx to PulmoSal 7% (pH+) and compare their next 2-3 sputum PA cfu counts on following visits.